Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What is more fun than finding the new creatures where you live??? Of course, Hunter was the first to discover most of them. The little lizards that run across the ground, but blend in so well you can't see them. When I finally catch one, I'll post a picture. Another famous one is the bug everywhere here.... they are called love bugs, cause they are two bugs hooked together...Weird I know, and annoying. They are all over everything! Last but not least, is the tree frog. Hunter thinks these are really cool, cause they are all over the house. Most mornings you can see one stuck the to window outside the bathroom.... or near the roof on the house. Tonight I managed to catch one on the window outside the front door. Thought, I would show you a picture! I'm thinking the most fascinating thing for the kids, is that they stick to whatever they are climbing on.
Speaking of creatures, I have to tell you... Andy's dad has these two fake snakes outside the front door. A yellow and black one on the column as you come to the front door... and this thick nasty black one on the ground by the front door. The yellow one, spooked me but didn't scare me. The nasty black one, on the other hand nearly gave me a heart attack! I hate snakes! Those are the only creatures we have seen so far. No crocodiles yet!


The Eagen's said...

Those frogs are creepy! I hate frogs! Probsbly just as much as I hate snakes. LOL. Keeping my fingers crossed that that's all the creatures you see. ;-)

Berry Patch said...

Just one word but it expresses it ALL for me....EEEEWWW!!!!! Better you than me. ;-)