Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Library Time

Since I bragged up the Library's Story Time down here I decided that i had to share some photo's. I finally remembered my camera this morning. Today's theme was Pumpkin's. It was a rather slow day at the library today... it was just us and a couple other kids. I was told that when the temperature drops much below 60 degree's Florida people do not like to come out.

In the picture you will notice the corner of the children's section where we have story
time. We all sit on the pretty colorful rug, and listen. Then there is the tv, and puppet stage. Every time is started out with a song "The Whole Wide World is at the Library" and all the kids sing it. Then typically there is two or three tables set up for the craft. This weeks was a pumpkin puzzle, and a coloring page of a scarecrow.

The girls were a bit sluggish this morning, as we went to the library last night for Bedtime Story time. Where they did kinda the same thing, except the kids come in their PJ's and bring a pillow, and at the end they serve milk and cookies. :) It was quite fun! They do Bedtime Story time once a month for the winter months, for something different. Regular story time is every Tuesday morning unless there is a holiday, and then they move it to a Wednesday morning. The girls and I are kinda sad, as our Story Time is canceled next week, cause she is on vacation. (Sniff, sniff) We were sure to get some extra books, so we wouldn't miss it to much. Mrs. D is also very nice, and always gives us an extra project, coloring page, or whatever we are doing that week for Hunter to be able to do at home.

This week Mrs. D also set aside a couple new books (never been on the shelves) that she new the girls would like for us today! They were so excited about this. I'm also impressed by Mrs. D's amazing ability to remember every child's name. After the first time of meeting us, she always addressed the kids by first name. It just makes it that much mor
e special to us!

Since I love pictures, I am going to also share one I took of the girls. We normally get there a half hour early so we can return our books, and start looking for other books. There is also puzzles for the kids to do, (as you will see the girls doing below!) and computers that have only kids programs on them for use... were they log in with their own special number, and then it counts down a half hour. They are allowed a half hour a day to use them. We are going to try and check out a couple other libraries we have heard about but we wanted to share our favorite thing to do so far.


Berry Patch said...

What fun! I love that rug - so colorful. It looks like the girls really enjoy their time there.

Stinson Family said...

I love story time at the libary. They always seem to come up with the cutest things for the children. That is really neat about the bedtime story one.

Dianna said...

Looking at the pic of Rach by herself you can actually see a huge resemblence to Hunter in her face. Never really noticed it much before until that Pic.