Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Any of you with kids, must have noticed that "Routine" makes a huge difference. I know, it does with my kids....however with moving, being at someone else's house(even family), and activities not being the same. My kids have gone into major whiny mode, fighting, and just plain driving me up a wall!
With all that being said, I am trying to establish a new Routine and Chores for them to follow. Any advice is more than welcomed! So far we only have a few things in place. Such as every afternoon at 3pm, we walk to Hunter's bus stop to pick him up. This gives us some excerise, and gets us out of the house. (of course Andy & I, or one or the other walks him there in the morning too, however the girls are usually asleep) Then Hunter has to do his homework if he has it... and the girls are encouraged to go play, or read a book, so they are quite while he does this. We are working on a set Dinner time....(Nana & Papa are not used to this) After the kids are done with dinner they take turns with helping with clean up, and picking up their room. Bedtime is still really early for them, because Hunter has to be up by 6am, in order to be to the bus stop on time.
As far as a Routine, well the girls and I have started with Tuesday. Every Tuesday morning we go to the Library for "Story Hour" and to look at books, meet new friends, etc. This morning, we were able to get our Library Cards....Well at least the Kids & I were. Andy has to wait until he has proof of his physical address (torture on his part). Starting rules are only 2 books out per person the first time, (that was torture for us, cause we usually get like 5 or more a piece) after that an adult can take up to 20 out at a time, and kids can take 10 out at a time. After a month, you can take out movies..... I can't remember how long you have to wait to take out books on tape, or cd. Not long I don't think. So, we are very excited about this. The girls each picked out their 2 books today... and I picked out 2 for Hunter as he was in school. Story time was good, this weeks theme was "Owls". The girls really enjoyed it.
So Tuesdays, have a schedule, now we just have to come up with something for the rest of the week. I'm looking for some activities for them to do at the local Rec Center, but things are in limbo there right now. They are in the middle of a huge project, redoing their local park, two playgrounds, swimming pools, and a banquet building. I am excited to see it when they are done. :)
Of course we weren't able to bring much of our stuff with us yet, so all of our craft stuff is back in Maine. So, I'm looking for ideas for the kids to do, without having to spend to much money. I'm usually pretty good at these kinds of things, but I'm at a loss this month. My brain must be on vacation! I think, I'm going to start doing some preschool stuff with the girls again, cause they aren't able to go to preschool right now. I was kinda trying to come up with a theme for each day or something I guess...Am I making any since?? Like one day I think will be a cooking day.... Ok, I'm done rambling for now. Thanks...

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Berry Patch said...

Yup - I do know what you mean. I'm going through all the blogs I read & posting a "blog roll." I just did an art one & there are a couple things there that would be good things to try with the girls - even some preschool stuff. Here's a direct link: