Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Books, Activities and more!

Yesterday after searching all morning for the Health Department online... I stumbled across the local Library. Well, any of you that know our family that is like finding "GOLD". It had a calendar of events listed, and they had story hour on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. We decided to take the kids out to check it out. Another much needed break from the daily grind, of the same four walls. :) Having explored the city yesterday we knew roughly were to go. Library found, kids out of the car and running, we headed into the library. The children's section to this library is double the size of Madison's library if not more. The kids instantly fell in love. They had tons of books, puzzles, and computer's with just children's programs on them. Off to one side was a huge rug on the floor for story time, tv, and a puppet stage. While waiting for story time to start, the girls put puzzles together, and looked at books. Hunter checked out the Star Wars books (big surprise). Then both Hunter & Rachel got to use the computer for 30 mins. Didn't that make their day! The story time itself was amazing... she read a story, did a couple puppet shows, showed a quick movie, and then had an activity for them at the end pertaining to the theme. This weeks theme was "Lost Things"... It was really nice, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. However, they were sad cause we needed proof of our physical address in order to get a Library Card, so they weren't able to take out any books. They got lucky though, and the lady gave them each a book they could keep. The girls and I are anixous to be able to go back next week. The theme being "Owls"...... The best part being they are only like 10mins away with heavy traffic. It is nice to have another piece of our normal life..


Berry Patch said...

Got to love big city libraries. I used to use the one in Lewiston. It's amazing what funding can do. ;-) Of course, that is also the library where N took a ride on the elevator BY HIMSELF when I turned my back for one second! Talk about scary!!! He was about two. He went down two floors & came back to the third floor. Did I mention this is NOT in a nice part of town?? Oh the memories. ;-)

Tara said...

That's great! I love large libraries with lots of fun and exciting things for kids! Enjoy it for us too!

The Eagen's said...

I agree with berry patch -- it's amazing what funding can do! City libraries are the best but quaint little town ones are just as good too! it's all about the books! :-) Sounds like you guys are having a great time, though. Wnjoy the sunshine for us!