Sunday, June 1, 2008

We made it to June!

So we have made it to June!!! Can you believe it? Time is flying by, and seems to get faster by the month. I remember the days when I wanted the time to go by fast, and it would drag by...... Then now when I want it to slow down, its flying by.... I'm kinda sad about that. :(
Within my travels of different blog sites..............I have found this neat new blog, called The Simple Women's Day, and it is basicly preset questions to ask you... but you answer it to this particular day. I thought it was pretty cool.... and very interesting. I like to learn new unquie things about people.... kinda lets you in to their lives alittle. So, anywho... this is something that you post every monday, and I have decided to give it a try. The link will be in my blog, so if you want to try it on your blog you can... So, you will see it this monday! :)
Have a great June!!!!

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