Friday, June 6, 2008


So as many of you know I decided to homeschool my kids for this upcoming fall..... Hunter has finally decided to come onboard with this... He was alittle hesitant at first...but now he is very excited about it! As am I!!!! We are very excited about our new adventure. We have been slowly aquiring new materials free online from various websites... but tomorrow I am off to Augusta for the Homeschool Curriculum Sale.... it has new and used books! I'm so excited about this... and can't wait to see what I can find. I have heard that you can walk out of there with a whole lot of books, with very little money! Which is very exciting to me as we are on a very fixed income, with very little to spare! So, the more I can get the better! So, needless to say I am anixously awaiting the sale! I'm off at 7am in the morning! I will be back tomorrow to tell you what kind of really good deals I find! See ya soon!

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