Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lost Tooth!

Hunter lost his first tooth tonight!!! He is growing up way to fast for me.... :( He was playing with it all afternoon, and I finally looked at it, and decided he needed to take it out before it came out in an apple, or something. It was only holding on by a tiny bit. So, I decided to tell him a story about one of my teeth when I was little. How my dad, hooked a string to my tooth and my wrist and I refused to let my wrist fall... but by the time I was done watching a movie it had fallen, and I didn't even know it... My tooth was out! So, he wanted to go try that. Him and daddy were setting up the string when daddy decided to just twist it, and see if it would come out, and sure enough! Out it popped. Dinner was an interesting time, he wasn't sure he should eat or not. Decided on just having salad. I think he is trying to get used to the gap in his teeth, but is enjoying it none the same. He is eagerly awaiting the tooth fairy now!! We'll let you know what she leaves. :)

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Stinson Family said...

I think that I hooked my tooth to the door and then slammed it once. The things we do to get our teeth out! Ahh, the tooth fairy, the favorite part of the whole thing!