Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hunter's trip to Reid State Park

Yesterday was a very eventful day! I worked the voting both, Hunter went on a field trip (which we will cover more of in a moment), and we had one heck of a Thunderstorm! For starters Hunter took his last kindergarten field trip... which they headed off to the coast to Reid State Park! Andy was able to join him for this field trip as well (mommy was sad to miss another one), but daddy loves getting the time with him. The temperature here was like 85 or more, and so humid.. From what they tell me it was chilly and windy on the water. They enjoyed their time on the beach, making sand castles, chasing sea gulls, collecting sea shells, and going for walks.

Hunter enjoys walking on the rocks! Isn't he so cute! Boy do they grow up so quick! Hunter loves the beach, we have been taking him since he was 3 months old... We started him early! Always, been an outside child... I love watching him wander thru the rocks, and pick over the shells. The faces he makes... and the cute little remarks that he says. Sorry, now that I have gone off the subject!

Isn't his toothless smile so adorable! I just had to share! Here is a cute photo of Hunter & Andy!

I am so happy that they had fun at the beach! I hope you all enjoyed the photo's! About the rest of my story... I was stuck at the town office until 9ish... Hunter had a baseball game, so good old grandma brought him down ( don't know what we would do without her!) Just after they finished their 2nd Inning (I do believe) keep in mind I wasn't there.. They called the game...due to a huge thunderstorm coming in... lighting and thunder everywhere!! Thank goodness they got off the field when he did... cause it started to pour!
Where I was in Embden it was really strange... it started to get really dark, and windy! It was like a movie, where you just didn't know what to expect next.... I think it was very similar to a hurricane! The police scanner was going off like crazy! Tree's down everywhere, and lighting striking poles, and houses. It was extreme caos! But incase you didn't know voting must go on... power or not, poles must stay open until 8pm!!!! Power flickered a few times...but it was not lost. Although, some places lost it for quite sometime, and others only for a short period. Never know what to expect in maine sometimes!

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