Friday, June 13, 2008

Rachel's Preschool Graduation

Can you believe it.... we made it through another year of school. Rachel finished her last day of preschool on thrusday! She was very happy to be done, but rather sad as well. She liked going to see her friends everyday, and getting out of the house. On Friday we had a field trip to the Skowhegan Rec's playground. They got to play on the playground, and play with the friends from afternoon, and morning! Then we got to watch them get their diploma's! It was so cute to watch them walk up their and get them from the teacher. They also got a bucket filled with things to do for the summer. And of course no bucket of fun is complete without the BUBBLES!

This is Rachel's Friend Daisy coming back with her diploma! :)

To the right is Rachel with her teacher's Sarah and Debbie... She loves them! This is Rachel and Daisy posing for their last picture of the year.... boy will they miss each other greatly!

She did awesome this year, I'm very proud of how much she has learned in the last 7 months! Way to go RACHEL!

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Berry Patch said...

Too cute! I love that playground.