Monday, June 2, 2008

The simple woman's day June 2


Outside my Window.... It is pouring down rain from the dull gray sky...

I am thinking...What are the kids going to do today!

I am thankful kids, health, laughter, and family

From the the smell of fresh brewed coffee

I am creating.... Curtains for Hunter's room, hopefully today!

I am going...clean, and clean somemore today

I am wearing... Black pants, tye dyed shirt, and my purple croc's

I am reading...My emails, as they pile up in my inbox

I am hoping... Hunters ears will do ok... and not get another ear infection

I am hearing...the dog walking around, and sage talking to daddy about her cereal choice, and rachel debating about getting up

Around the house...there is a gently breeze blowing thru my room

One of my favorite things... Fresh sweet strawberries

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... go to meetings, pay bills, go to baseball games, and go to the homeschool curriculum sale (which I am very excited about), and spend time with good friends.

My picture to share with you.... is of our silly kitty hangin out with bullseye!!!

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Stinson Family said...

We are doing good. Yesterday Abby tried to grab Josiah through the computer. And she likes to eat the web cam that I have. We have finally got a routine down and she is going to bed for me now. I love the cat picture. Miss you too!