Saturday, June 21, 2008

~Family Fun~

Ok, grab a cup of tea, coffee, or something..... This might be one of my longest blogs, although, probably mostly pictures! Today after a long week or more in the house, due to rain and more rain. A few thunderstorms added in! We all needed a much needed get away from the house. So, we set out calling around to find out where we could go Strawberry picking, cause I really wanted to get some to stock the frezzer, but aparently everyone had that idea yesterday and wiped out every place around here. Sadly we put on our thinking caps? We searched the internet, and almost towards the giving up point... (not wanting to spend to much money) Plus not wanting to drive that far, cause the cost of gas would kill us! lol.... Anywho, we found the place we were heading to. After careful diliberation we went with the Children's Discovery Museum in Augusta. I must say it was a cute little place. For only 23 dollars, for all five of us to get in... (which I didn't find to bad, considering we stumbled across much worse) Sorry.... I wander easily! We packed our lunch, and the kids gathered a few items to play with for the ride, and we headed out the door. Along the way we did get alittle delayed stopping at a few lawn sales... Nope didn't find anything to grand, although we did buy a camp chair for sage, as she was the only one without one... and it was after all only a dollar! Ok, again wandering.... The first place we decided to play was this cool play resturuant... it was very cool. Hunter loved the cash register! Rachel on the other hand, loved making the food!

It amazes me how well their imaginations work... I can't even tell you how they just went right in there, and started to pretend they were running a resturaunt! So cute!

This place was just amazing! The food was made out of cloth as well. Which makes it very easy to wash them .... as a mom you have to think sanitary! They even had very cute swivel chairs at the counter.
Sage's new smile while working! After we played in there we moved next door, which can you believe was a Supermarket! The girls of course loved that as well.

Here you see her at the supermarket! She loved ringing everyone up. She even went shopping for the resturaunt a few times! LOL.... Rachel liked playing in there to, but not as much as sage. Hunter just again liked the register!!! I think he is going to work with money or something... that is what seemed to draw him in.
Next on our journey was the Bank... yes, I said a bank. Hunter and Rachel were first attracted to the computers they had set up for them to use... Sage went over to the counter and peek around to see what she could find! Andy found one of the tubes, that send your stuff to the bank.. They had one set up in the building, once Hunter found it.... Him and Rachel were sending each other notes back and forth! It was kinda cute. Sage loved to play with the money as well.

She atleast smiled correctly this time! :)

Moving on from the bank, we discovered a puppet theatre! Hunter and Daddy put on a short little puppet show for me. I thought they were very cute. I think that hunter likes some of the theatre stuff, as he really enjoyed being in the play at school. I think one of our homeschool things might be to make a puppet theatre and put a short show together. Unfortuntely the picture is a bit dark.. Sorry! There she goes with that crazy smile again!

They thought that climbing under this open castle opening was really cool.

Next along the line was our South American corner! All the kids loved playing the musical instruments. Of course I'm not sure why this surprises me since my girls love to sing anyway... ALL THE TIME! Rachel seems to like the panio alot, but shhhh... don't tell my mom. She always wanted me or one of my kids to learn it. :) I don't have the money for lessons though. In this one you notice Hunter found the drums! They actually played very well together... and it sounded nice. In the room beside the musical equipment was the Lobsterman's dream. They had a lobster trap out for the kids to explore, and a simulated light house... Which the kids could climb, and as we all know this is what catches there interest! My kids tryed on the life jackets, and climbed their way to the top. Except for sage, who almost made it but scared, so daddy had to rescue her! We didn't see any boats out on the ocean though! :)

After that it was time to head off to the camping section of the floor. They had a tent all set up and of course the kids had to climb in and check it out. While they were playing with the six or so flashlights in the tent, I read them this cute camping story about a guy named Magee, and his dog Dee... I can't remember the name of the book though. It was kinda cute and funny however! From there we went upstairs to the second floor and the kids couldn't believe there eyes... I don't think I could either it was amazing. At the top of the stairs right in front of me was a mini bucket loader(for those of you who have no idea what equipment names are) I would have called it a skid steer... Just a bit bigger than my dads. The kids were totally fascinated with that. As you can see from their photo's, although by the looks Sage and Hunter's came out a bit dark... :(

Across the room from that was a slide, which also caught their attention, along with some lego's.... Which truth be told, I think made daddy more excited... he built a plane before we left. They were all content with this stuff until they saw....... A school bus... yes I said a school bus, or should I say top front of one, and they had a little control box to turn on and off the flashing lights. They thought that was the coolest thing.
From there we went in the craft room and had lunch... The kids thought at this time they needed their picture taken in the special birthday chair.

This chair was pretty cool though, don't you agree!

There you have it our family fun day in a nut shell! I must say the kids were very well behave, and had a great time. I think it is safe to say we will be visiting it again soon. Hope you all had a great saturday as well! :) We challenge you to let your imgination run wild! Take care!

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The Eagen's said...

Sounds like you had a great, fun filled day! We set out ro do that as well but didn't succeed as well as you and the kids did. I will be checking this place out soon, though. I hear they do bday parties there...