Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And with summer comes a new haircut!

Nothing like a new haircut when summer comes rolling in right?? Rachel got brave, and decided she was ready for a change. Her hair had alot of dead ends and so we decided to give it a trim. It's now up to her shoulders. She loved her long hair...as we were finally able to braid, french braid, and put in pretty pony's. But in the words of Rachel "it will grow again mommy"..... She likes her new haircut, and loves how easy it was to maintain. Every morning she says look mommy my hair doesn't have any tangles. We used to have to struggle with tangles every morning, now it is so easy to brush and go. She loves it! I hope you all like it to, as I think it is very cute. I do miss the longer hair, but like she said it will grow back out. :)

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