Sunday, June 22, 2008

~Family Fun 2~

I didn't have enough space on the other one, to finish in a couple last photo's of the kids, that I thought were so cute! They thought they wanted to be construction workers!

Aren't they so adorable! LOL....

Here they are hiding in the bird nest off the stair case! If you look hard you can see Sage's head in their somewhere. ;)

Andy is hanging off the tree below the nest.

The last of my photo's are our last stop out of the building... which I bet you can't guess where that was??? The resturaunt again... They just absolutely loved that place. Hunter and Rachel wanted to show you one of their creations.

Hunter made a Pizza! Doesn't it look good?? He was so proud of it. I love to watch his imagination at work! They made me things like wraps, salads, soups, sandwichs, and pizza! I'm not sure if she liked what she made or not... The face isn't all that convinencing!
Well that is the last of our adorable photo's... Hope you enjoyed them!

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