Thursday, June 19, 2008

Almost Officially Summer

Time sure does I was sitting here thinking, where does the time go??? It is almost summertime. Officially! Among my thoughts, I realized it was time for strawberry picking! YIPPEE! That means I am going to drag my family out this weekend, to pick strawberries! Lol... That will be our first summer act...:) My garden is growing, but not as good as I would like. My tomato plants are stunted, if that is possible! My cucumber plants, died... but my carrots, green beans (that is hunter's specialty), zucchini, pumpkins, summer squash, and buttercup squash are growing good. Wish me luck!

Finally today, I got my charts done for the kids. I finished their chore charts, and their school charts. So, we now have a schedule for the day, all laid out for them with pictures even. :) Cause as most of you know Rachel has to have her day planned or she goes crazy. Plus we did our school charts, which lays out their subjects by day for them, so they know what day we are doing what subject. We are going to try it out tomorrow. I'll update you on how it goes! The kids are eager to start our homeschooling, so we are going to start it next week. Then we will have time that we can take off when we need to, or want too. :)

The kids and I also decided to make another batch of cookies. We found this new recipe that we found... and they come out really good. Although, we still have to try out Tara's recipe she gave me. I am hoping to do that soon. The kids and I have had some really good times cooking them lately, and trying some bread recipes. I need to tweak those to come out right. I use to make it great all the time, and lately I can't seem to make it for the life of me. Its driving me nuts..... so... I will also keep you posted on that as well.

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