Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another First!

My little boy is growing up so fast! He is having all kinds of first. Today Hunter went to his first real Baseball Game... Andy and him went to see the SeaDogs, in Portland. The Embden Rec bought tickets for all the coaches, and kids who played this year that wanted to go... as a good job for the end of the season! I got a ticket as I was the coach for the little kids, but I didn't go, since I knew the girls wouldn't sit thru a game. So, I gave andy my ticket and sent him with Hunter. Good dad and son bonding! Unfortunetly, the weather here in our area has been nothing but rain for days! We have had so many thunderstorms lately! Apprently, there was alot of balls flying into the stands. Hunter was sad he did not catch one, but had a great time anyway. He and daddy were even nice enough to bring home a special present for the girls. They got them bat pens. :) Very cute. I've been informed that our camera acted up, so we didn't get the pictures of Hunter with Slugger, Trash man, and Ronald McDonald. Bummer! However, the Yankee's won, and the Red Sox's lost. The weather held out, and they had a great time though! Mark another first in the books. My little guy is growing up!

Here is good old Ronald McDonald too.. Every kids friend! Hope you had a great time HUNTER!

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