Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm back as promised!

As promised I'm back with news of my very busy, but fun Saturday! We left my house at 7am... and set out for the huge city of Augusta! First stop being a pit stop for breakfast at Denny's! Which was a good plan, as it got my brain jumped started for proper functioning! Boy was it good! Then we moved on to the Homeschool Curriculum sale! By the time we got their it was like 15 after 9am... the store was about to start at 9:30..... I would say there was atleast 45 to 50 people already waiting in line. The doors opened! We all went in.... I have to say it was so overwhelming.... especially if you have never been to one of these sales. It was really shocking to me how much stuff was really there. A ton of used books, but in really good condition for most. I was able to walk out of there with, math, spelling/grammar, science, re fence materials, and pleasure reading books for all three of my kids. I got my LL Bean tote bag, which is fairly big filled to the tippy top for 30 dollars. Can you believe that!! I didn't pay over 3 dollars for any books. I even managed to score 5 Magic Tree House Books for Hunter... Which might I add was really amazing! I was really happy about this! So, being my first year and not knowing what I wanted to go with, I think I did really well. Happily awaiting next years sale!
After we left that fun place... we headed off to the State Library to return a huge amount of books.... and I mean huge! Then we went to Sam's Club... and this was originally just for lunch..... but we ended up walking around and picking a few things up. ... Then we went to AC Moore, which might say, I had not yet been to one of these stores. I was in heaven! Oh MY! It was so fun... I found a ton of scrapbooking things on clearance... which anyone who knows me I can't stand to pay anything for real cost!!! I was so excited! After our amazing time their, it was time to head home! Realty was back.... but I had an amazing time with a new friend.... and hopefully made some new ones. :) That was my exciting Saturday!


Tara said...

Sounds like you made out well. Glad you had a great day.

Stinson Family said...

I have a hard time pay full price also. That is why I love Hobby Lobby, they have sales all the time on there scrapbooking items. I am not sure if you have them in Maine or not. Sounds like you got some great deals on Saturday, that is always great!