Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Last Game of the Season!

Hunter had his last game of the season tonight. Wow, such a relief in many ways... It was a long season, good but long. The kids have done so good... Its amazing to see how much they have improved from the first game to now. At the begining we had a couple of kids that could hit the ball good, now the whole team can hit the ball. Gotta love the faces when they strike that ball further than they thought they could! Beaming with Joy!! Eyes sprakling with excitement! I love it! Hunter had a bad spell the last few games, but tonight...even with his heart not fully in it... (having a ruff night, think he is ready to be done) He hit everytime he was up to bat. Some really good hits too! He made it to base twice, the third time the first basemen got him out. He was a little bummed, but had fun just the same. Oh, and I have to mention that the last two games we have been to, it has rained, even poured a few times. The kids found this very fun to play in!!! To end our season, we won our last game 11-6... GO MUD DOGS!!!!

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Berry Patch said...

Yeah - it's all done!!!! ;-)