Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Comfort Items

Most of my blogs are about Hunter, or Rachel.... Well, I was taking this picture for my scrapbook, and decided I needed to sneak one in their for sage..... since being the youngest is often overlooked! (I assure you, not on purpose) I actually should have taken this picture a long time ago, and buried somewhere might be a picture of her with this particular item. Isn't it amazing how some kids attach to things, and not to others! Like for example Hunter's favorite item, as most of you probably know was his Graffie~ and yes we still have 2 of them... although, he is not as attached to them anymore. Rachel on the other hand, was never really attached to anything to bad... I guess her most liked item is her curly bear (which her auntie jenn got her) and she still carries him around... Curly really needs a bath right now though~

Sage well sage was a little tougher to find something she really cared about.. but on her first birthday she recieved this special present from her Uncle Jason & Aunt Amy........ it was a my first Big Bird... it had a teething thing attached to it. Well, this was never allowed to leave her side after the first week of having it. She was always so cute carrying it around. Finally after last year when it still had to go to bed with her everynight... we cut off the teething part, cause she was past this stage... as all her teeth were in... :) She still has to have it everynight, or naptime... So, the other day while shopping I found this Big Bird scrapbook paper. I got it, and decided I need a picture to document this special item.... so today I figured was a good a day as any to take the picture of her with Big Bird. I am in hopes of finding some more pictures of her with Big Bird... their must be some here somewhere! Enjoy the picture, as I find it adorable!

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