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TOS Review: Artistic Pursuits






Can I just start by saying.. How many people are super confident in teaching Art?? Me not so much, I’m not artistic in any way shape or form. Never been my strong suit. So, when I got thinking this past year, what am I going to do for Art class, I started to panic!

This year we have been pretty lucky in our 4H group with having a lot of Art in cooperated into our classes, projects, and such. However, I struggled with if this is enough.. A local Studio does Homeschool Class for the area, but again the classes are $10 per child, and while that is a great price, having three kids $30 a month is just not in my budget.

So, when we got offered to try an Art Curriculum, I jumped at the chance. NO really, I was jumping up and down going PICK ME!! PICK ME!! Lol… (can’t you just picture that? I am that crazy)

We chose the book K-3 Book 1 which was perfect for all three of my kids. (Granted Monkey Man is not in 3rd grade, but has had limited Art classes, so worked nicely) I could use it with all three, and didn’t have to divide them up among ability, which is a huge plus for me as well.


Upon receiving our book, it came with a list of materials we would need for the first few lessons. Which was super helpful, even though they are also listed at the beginning of the book, for each section.

We had most of the things we needed already at our house, since my husband loves to draw, and we have been slowly collecting things over the last year. Middle Monkey is my artistic one, loves to just sit and draw, so we try to have a variety of things available to her as well.

I will need to go to the store soon, and get a few more supplies though, and we are looking forward to that trip. (lets hope I feel the same way after leaving the store)

We were very eager to start our lessons. This book has 32 lessons in it.. so we figure if we do one a week, this book will last us the year. We are pretty happy with that, and if they want to do more, they can expand on the current lesson we are on.

We opened the book to the first lesson, and the kids weren’t so sure. Each lesson has three sections, “What Artists Do”, “What Artists See” and “Project”. I read the What Artists Do.. asked the kids a few questions along the way, and then we looked over the What Artists See. Which was a picture of a painting, and then we talked about what they saw in the picture, what caught their attention, etc.



After reading, going over, and learning what was being taught in this lesson, we started the project part. Which was drawing something they saw in the house, either today, or in the past. Using something like a window, or doorway to draw some attention to the spot. There was no specific directions that showed what your drawing “Should” look like. Which made it good for my more timid children that are scared it won’t be “right”.  I love this aspect of the curriculum cause every lesson doesn’t say this is what it should look like. It’s the child’s prospective. Here is what the kids came up with:






The kids have LOVED this curriculum so far, as have I. This was absolutely a HIT in this house. We are excited with every new lesson. I can’t wait to put an Art Portfolio together at the end of the year for them. Smile  We are already anticipating our next book. Absolutely a company we will continue to keep using.

Here are some of the Highlights of Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book one:

  • Drawing, Watercolors, Oil Pastels, Mosaic’s, Clay, Self Portraits, Egyptian Art.. and much more!
  • Complete Supplies List
  • 32 Lessons
  • No previous Art Knowledge needed for the teacher

The book is divided into 4 sections, Drawing, Painting, Paper Art, Clay.

This is a list of the lessons in K-3 Book 1:

What Artists Do:

  • Artists Compose
  • Artists Imagine
  • Artists Look
  • Artists Communicate
  • Artists use Photographs
  • Artists make Landscapes
  • Artists make Portraits
  • Artists make Still-lifes
  • Artists show Experiences
  • Artists show Works

What Artist Sees:

  • Artist see Shape
  • Artist see Form
  • Artist see Line
  • Artist see Color
  • Artist see Edges
  • Artist See and Remember
  • Artists see Mixed Colors


Where We Find Art:

  • Art in Caves (European Cave Drawings)
  • Art Underground (Near-Eastern Pottery)
  • Art in Palaces (Minoan – Fresco Painting)
  • Art in Pyramids (Egyptian Murals)
  • Art on Floors (Egyptian Pavement Painting)
  • Art on City Walls (Near Eastern Bas-relief)
  • Art on Pots (Greek Pottery)
  • Art in Tombs ( Etruscan Wall Painting)
  • Art in Streets (Roman Sculpture)
  • Art on Roadsides (Roman Portraits)
  • Art in Castles (Medieval Tapestry)
  • Art in Windows (Gothic Glass)
  • Art in Books (Medieval Illumination)
  • Art on Book Covers (Medieval Scriptoria)


Thinking of getting a book? You can order any of the 10 books HERE, for $42.95. Each comes in a nicely bound book.

Here are the books you can get from Artistic Pursuits:

  • Preschool Ages 3.4 & 5
  • K-3 Book One
  • K-3 Book Two
  • K-3 Book Three
  • 4-6 Book One
  • 4-6 Book Two
  • Junior High Book One
  • Junior High Book Two
  • Senior High Book One
  • Senior High Book Two

If you would like a sneak peek go to any book you are interested in and it shows a lesson right on that page. You can get a taste of what the book will be like.

I really recommend this to any Homeschooling family, or anyone with a child that really loves to pursue art!

Wanna see what the other TOS Crew Members have to say?

*I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the  TOS Crew. My opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.



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