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TOS Review: Vintage Remedies








When the opportunity arose to review this book.. I’m not going to lie, I jumped at it. Why you ask?? Well, because for years, my mom used to tell me how much people didn’t eat right, or weren’t using things that could help them naturally.. But you know until I had kids, I was like.. Ah, whatever! Yup, I’m guilty. Then I had my own kids, and my son struggled with ear infection, after infection. It was nuts, so I started looking into more natural ways to approach it.


We decided to try the Vintage Remedies for Kids book, and see what it had to offer.

Upon receiving it, I flipped through it to see what the lessons entailed. As I looked through it, I was getting really excited. I loved that the lessons where part learning, part question and answer, and part hands on.. A perfect mix in my opinion.

This book covers many different things from How to choose healthy foods, to preparing foods, learning how to take good care of yourself, and creating healthy habits. With lots of hands on activities to go along with the chapter.

Other first lesson was “Why do I eat food?” and after reading it to them and going over some questions, we learned Kitchen basic’s… such as washing your hands, and keeping them clean. Then we made homemade pizzas, and they helped me come up with a menu plan for the following week.

Product Info:

Vintage Remedies for Kids

For Ages: 2-6

Has 202 pages

Price: $25.00

You can buy it right HERE.

Monkey’s thoughts:

It is a really interesting book, and I like that there are new things to try and activities to be done.

My thoughts:

I think this book is really informational, but in a fun way. I love the activities and recipes to try.  I think that it touches on important subjects without the kids finding it to be boring, or useless information.

My kids really enjoyed the first few lessons, and we are going to continue to use this book for the rest of this year, as part of our Health Class. Smile 

The Author Jessie Hawkins did an amazing job!

Here are some of the subjects covered in this book:

  • Why do I eat Food?
  • Natural Candy- Fruit
  • I can grow Food!
  • How to catch a bug
  • Bruises and scrapes
  • Taking care of my world
  • Staying clean
  • Outside of my community

Just to name a few… there are 18 sections to this book.

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* I received this curriculum in exchange for my honest review, as part of the Tos Crew. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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