Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Redbox Review:








Do you watch a lot of movies?? Our family loves to watch movies. The problem? Well, it costs anywhere from $50-$100 for our family to go to the movies at the Theater…the higher end if we get popcorn, candy and a soda. Nuts! Therefore, meaning that we don’t go often.

Luckily we are back in our hometown, so we are lucky to have two good theaters about 20 mins from us, and they aren’t as bad with a Matinee.

Back on track… that still is a very rare thing we do. So for us to watch a movie we use Redbox. Most of the video stores in our have closed. Not that we rented from them much, since the cost went up drastically. At the end it was like $5 a movie per night. That is CRAZY!

We now love the abilty to go and rent a movie from the Redbox. We have one at the local grocery store here in town. Another great feature that we LOVE is that you can return the movies to any Redbox location. Which means if I’m out and about it doesn’t have to go to that particular box, or if I don’t need to go anywhere I can just drop it off at the local one.

They have a wide selection of new and older movies, usually. They have regular and Blu-ray movies, as well as video games for all the newest systems.



The other great thing about Redbox is that you can rent a movie for $1 per night, as long as you return your movie by 9pm the next day. Which means a cheap movie night for us. As we usually have to rent 2 movies, one for us, and one for the kids.

They also have a program where you sign up for text messages on your mobile phone and they will send you a code every month for a free movie. Or sometimes they have promotions where you can get anywhere from .25 cents to $1 off your movie.

You can find Redbox on Facebook and Twitter.

Go enjoy a movie tonight!

*I received a free nights rental in exchange for this review through Smiley 360.

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