Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday







This week I am thankful for Libraries… We love to read in this house. While we buy lots of books, I could not possible afford to keep my kids in the books they love. Luckily here in the town we live in we have two options for libraries. We have the next town overs library that we can use, since our town gives money to help run it. Then we also have the option of using a books by mail library, that can get books from any library in the state, and they mail them to us. Since we do not have an official library in our town. Only draw back is we have to pay to have them returned or bring them to our capital to return them. Which for us is not a huge deal, since my husband works less than a mile away from it. This is great for us, as we go and get books from our little library in the next town over. This gives them books to read when we run out, or are waiting for something. Then the big library is awesome for when we want to find a specific book, or need a book to help with school. At any given time we have 60 or more books in our house from both libraries! That is a lot of reading going on! Smile 

What are you thankful for??


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Yes! Our library is a MAJOR part of our homeschooling and leisure time! Besides borrowing books, videos, books-on-tape, puzzles, games, and magazines, they hold a lot of free (or next to free) activities. We're going to make candy cane candle holders and chocolate Santa lollipops this month...and then there's book clubs and storytimes! Yay for libraries!

Colleen said...

Hi Hon! Found you on the My Memories FB page. I'm a new Follower...I'm working to build my network of friends and followers and would love to have you Follow me as well! Beautiful blog!! I have an FB page as well...Sweet Home Designs...Thank you in advance :) I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior, my family, and the life I have with a wonderful husband.