Saturday, December 3, 2011

Going back in time….



that is what we did this weekend. We took a trip to a Living History Museum here in Central Maine. It was owned by a magnificent family and they have accomplished so much!


They keep the museum open to show everyone, what it was like, in the 1800’s. My daughter’s Girl Scout Troop decided to go experience it.


We enjoyed a lesson in history from a volunteer that takes on the roll of one of the youngest daughters. She took on character so well, it was confusing me at first. Lol..


We also enjoyed some simple pleasures, such as stringing popcorn and decorating the tree with it. Enjoying molasses cookies, and hot apple cider.




Went on a horse and carriage ride.. and saw the beautiful grounds and scenery! It was great!




Then we took a trip back in time to the school. Boy was school different back then, not so sure that kids these days could handle it. She explained to them, that they were no grades, they just completed books, and as they did, they went on. When they answered math questions they had to do it in long form. With since, since, and therefore. I would go nuts! Then the kids participated in a spelling bee. Little Monkey got one wrong, and had to write it on the slate 10 times. She got the next one right though! She was so proud of herself.





They had a great time! Wonderful time with great friends!!!


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, you guys did something different! We made a ginger cake...that cooled in a window until a little boy pushed it out. ;)

Karin said...

Sounds interesting. Wish I could go there-- but it's a little far from me!