Tuesday, December 27, 2011





Hope your Christmas was great! Ours was really nice.. we enjoyed it. It was a relaxing day…  I have to tell you on days like Christmas it really makes me happy that my kids are a bit different than the normal child. They don’t usually wake us up.. in fact, most years we have to wake them up. Other than little monkey not being able to sleep very well, this year was not any different.

We woke the kids up at 7:30 am.. and then proceeded to check out our tree, and open presents. Smile 







Then we had breakfast, and skyped with grandparents and a best friend in Florida. (Gotta love Skype!) I really love that it helps to keep us close, and a part of each others lives.

After that we let the kids play with some of their new toys.. and check out their stuff.



Then we played a few games, starting with Dragon Strike, then Apples to Apples, and last but not least Target Scrabble.





Lunch was our simple Ham Italians.. we don’t like to have to slave in the kitchen all day.. They were yummy, plus we had chex mix, and chips and dip.


After that we decided to put a puzzle together. Not just any puzzle mind you… a 750 piece puzzle (my mom got us) with 101 alligators on it, and very bright colors. This puzzle was very challenging. We worked on it for a few hours, and then decided to head to bed.


We started back on it the next morning, and it took us another 3 to 4 hours to finish, but we did it!!! Smile YAY!


Great Christmas! Hope the same is true for your family.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Aw! Sounds like a simple, yet relaxing celebration of Christmas! Just like *I* like it! LOL We opened gifts and puttered around outside and read books and napped! But my oldest son (with Sous Chef Dad) made a complicated 5 course dinner! It was yummy...and with turkey leftovers from ILs yesterday we have dinner for about 4-5 days! Yay! LOL