Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A chopping we will go…




its been a couple years, since we had a real tree.. but this year we decided to get one.

So Monday after we got back from 4H we went on a hike through our back woods to look for the “Perfect” Christmas Tree. I remember the last time we did that, it we had like 3 ft of snow, and it was such an ordeal. The kids were freezing, and kept losing boots. This year it was much easier, cause there was no snow.

The first tree we looked at was a cute one, a bit like a Charlie Brown tree, but not bad… However, the kids wanted to keep looking.

No other tree’s were full, and we were about to give up and go back for the first one, when Monkey Man says “I found the PERFECT tree!!!



There it was… all 12 ft of it! Hubby started to chop it down, and the kids watched in Awe! Timber!!! After we got it down, we cut some more off it, making it a bit smaller.


Then Monkey Man. grammie, and Daddy started carrying it across the field, and headed towards home. It was rather cute to watch. After we got it closer to the house, we had to trim it some more so it would fit it in the house.



Even after that we got it in the house, and it was to tall to fit the star on… Opps!



The tree is HUGE!!!

I’ll post another pick, after we decorate it. Smile 

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

What a great tree! We're just using the 3 1/2 foot artifical one this year. It fits in our big bay window and we can see it on the outside, lit up, at night.