Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting off 2009!

I decided that my first post of the year was going to be some silly pictures I took of my kids.... I love taking photo's its a fun hobby! It would be be better if I had a better camera. One of my wish items for 2009! But that is another post.... I hope you enjoy!


I was trying to get a close up of his eye, but he wouldn't stop moving!


See she does smile once and awhile!


So happy all the time!

I hope you enjoy them! I'm in hopes this is what our new year will will be all smiles and giggles as seen here!


Berry Patch said...

Nice photos! ;-)

Martha said...

okay, are we long lost sisters that we didn't know about? I'm the 'baby', so a younger sister would be nice LOL!!!

The photos are cute. I too LOVE photography, and on NYE my beloved (yes, I called it my beloved, Tara has said at times she thinks I like the camera more than her) took gravely ill. I think it is an unrecoverable (or very expensive) problem to resolve. My mother has graciously lent me her camera until I get my new camera (NIKON D90 - that does come with Ashton right?) with a portion of the money I get when I retire! I would be lost without a camera for four months! I want to get better at taking pics of people. With the exception of the characters at Disney, I mostly do "things" or animals! Tara is at the age that she does not like me to take her picture!