Saturday, January 17, 2009

My new toy!

I'm such a dork, I know! However in my quest for moving more, and losing weight. I bought a Pedometer. I used it yesterday after I got home from the store of course. It keeps track of your steps, and then can convert them into miles for you.
Do you know that on average you should take 10,000 steps a day. Depending on how tall you are, depends on how big your strides would be. Thus then decides how fair you would have walked. For me, taking 10,000 steps would roughly put me at about 4.5 miles. Seems so much, if you were to just go out and walk that 4.5 miles right?
Well just from the half a day I was wearing it yesterday I had a little over 6000 steps. Which was more than I thought, I would. How many steps do you think that you walk a day? Isn't it kinda fun to think about??
I'm going to be challenging myself for the next few weeks. I'll keep you updated with the weekly post about the week. So there is my new toy... :)


Martha said...

I need to get a new pedometer, and I think while we are out today I will do that. The one I have is always falling off! I was really good with it last up until about this time last year. I think I hurt my ankle or something! It is fun to try and challenge yourself to just a few more pounds!

Let me know if you want to have a challenge to see who can walk the most in the next week! We could start tomorrow!

Check out this website -

Martha said...

The pottery place is kid friendly, they actually have birthday parties and classes for kids! It's probably a little drive for you, in the Waterford Lakes area in East Orlando. You could make a day out of it, it's right next to the Town Center, with shopping movie theaters, Chuck E Cheese, restaurants, etc. There's even a family entertainment center on the same road called Firken Kegler
that has an awesome bowling alley and small arcade! It's pretty easy to get to if you can find your way to the 408 going east bound, you get off at the Alafaya Trail exit, turn left, and then turn right at the third traffic light.

I didn't pick up a pedometer today, but I a going to see if I can figure out what I did with my other one - we are headed to Magic Kingdom tomorrow, so I would love to wear it. Maybe we can start Monday - I don't think it would be fair to use tomorrow with all the walking to be done at Disney!

I like the signature too, but I can't figure out where to put the HTML code that it inserts automatically into each post. I copy and paste it each time. That's a project for another day. Check out my second post of the day to see what we did at the ceramic studio today!

Berry Patch said...

Neat! I've worn one from time to time. I never get in enough steps in daily life. I have to purposefully add a walk to my day to make 10,000.

The Eagen's said...

Well seeing that all I do is stay in this house, except for the occasional trip to the grocery store, I'm pretty sure I don't take 10K steps a day. If I do, I would be very surprised! I wish our town had sidewalks so that I could get out of the house and go for a walk every day with the kids.

Martha said...

Now I really need to get a new pedometer before we start our "challenge" - I wore it to MK and lost it somewhere.. I was up to 4,000ish steps last I had looked!

Martha said...

Darn forgot the pedometer. We were in Target looking for new shirts for Tara...I ran out of money though so it will have to wait until Wed.