Saturday, January 10, 2009

What did you do on Saturday?

We got up this morning, and packed a lunch, and headed out the door. We were off for a hike..(ok in Florida its more like a stroll) with the Cub Scouts. Here in Polk County we have trail ways to walk. This morning we went on the Lake Whales Trail Ways, and walked a mile. These trail ways are also part of the Geo Cache. Have you ever heard of that?? Learn more about it HERE! It is basically where they have a hidden box, filled with treasure (things people leave) and you chose something to leave, and take something with you. Sign a log book, and there is a stamp to mark that you have been to that location. Very exciting to kids, as it is like a treasure hunt. We had a blast doing it this morning. We are looking to do one next weekend as well. There are many you can do, sometimes it costs a little (a dollar pre adult) but most are free. There are quite a few in Maine as well. If you go to the website I listed, there is a spot to put in your zip code to find out where they are. Some park and rec departments have gotten in on them too, and have simplified directions for those of you without a GPS. We found ours without a GPS this morning. If you decide to try it out, please let me know how it went!

Here we are checking out the box.... (kids very excited to see what was in it)

They used an old ammunition box to store the stuff in. It was hidden next to an oak tree. Hunter was very eager to root around inside the box, to see what there was!

Our first Geochacing find! :)


Berry Patch said...

Bob just got a GPS unit for Christmas so I'm hoping to start Geocaching once the snow leaves. Lots of my online friends do this & love it. Lots of fun!

Martha said...

Hmm, so that is what geocaching is! Learned something new. I had heard it, but never researched it. Sounds interesting. Guess I need to add a GPS to my list of "wants"!