Monday, January 12, 2009

The Simple Women's Daybook

For Today January 12, 2009

Outside my window
.... Sunny, cool, lovely winter day!

I am thinking.... We had such a nice weekend, sad for it to be over already!

From my imagination.... Letter Recognition Games/ideas

I am thankful for.... Lazy days

From the kitchen.... Salmon, and not sure what else yet!

I am wearing..... Shorts, a t-shirt, and bare feet!

I am reading
.... Nothing yet, hoping to start in my Harry Potter set!

I am hoping.... to stay strong and do as good as I did this week with my eating! :)

I am creating... a new sewing project, some learning games for the girls, and scrapbook pages as time allows.

I am hearing.... Cartoons on the tv

Around the house.... carefree, and ready to start a new week!

One of my favorite things
.... phone calls from
my mom!

A few plans for the rest of the week
..... Doctor's appt for Hunter this morning,
Library, crafts, some sewing, coloring with my kids, reading, laughing, playing, and having fun!

A picture I am

This is a "Stick Bug". Hunter saw this at the "Children's Museum in Bangor, ME", last year on a field trip with school. I can not tell you how excited he was to come home and tell me all about that! :) It's a rather intriguing creature!

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Martha said...

Yikes! I was hoping we didn't have those bugs wondering around FL. We have enough big scary things a it is!

Stay strong and eat healthy!