Friday, January 2, 2009

One of the most dreaded tasks...

Am I the only mom that absolutely dreads taking all 3 kids to the doctors? It is the most horrible, head pounding days their can be! GRRR! LOL!
Ok maybe not that bad, but almost. Today I had to take the 2 girls in for their physicals/meet the new doctor. Of course due to schedule issues, Andy had to come with me (meaning Hunter had to come too) or he would be late to work.
It started out with the kids fighting in the waiting room over toys, there was probably at least 7 other kids in there, and of course only mine where the ones fighting! What the heck!
Once in to see the doctor the kids settled down, and were pretty good.
Rachel weighed in at 39 pounds, and 43 inches!
Sage weighed in at 30 pounds (yes we made it passed 25!!!!) and 38 inches tall!
The doctor said they look really good, and are growing nicely. Rachel had to get 4 shots, 3 routine ones, and a flu shoot. Plus a TB test! Oh that was not fun, not even close! Then Sage had to get a flu shot, and a TB test. So they both left screaming! UGH!
It was a hard trip to the doctors, but we made it threw yet another! I usually try to make their apartments separate so I don't have to worry about such chaos, but that didn't happen this time. Hunter has to go back on the 9th for his Psychical.. Luckily no shots are needed, other than a flu shot, which he has already STATED he is NOT going to GET! Which means I will need to hold him down too. UGH!
There has to be an easier way right?? I would think! So, that is our exciting trip!


Berry Patch said...

Yup - that rates right up there doesn't it? I hate taking them to the dentist too but that has gotten easier the older they've gotten - thank goodness! ;-) I have that lovely task to look forward to this week. Blah!

Martha said...

There's something said to having only one! Tara does love Dr Q who is the most awesome pediatrician. I tried two her before I found her! Of course she has not had to get any shots since she was 5, but she does okay with blood draws, "Oh cool, BLOOD", so maybe we will be okay!

Stinson Family said...

I can't say I understand only having one child myself. But my heart does go out to you on that. I did however take two children to the doctors once. I was babysitting that day. He is really shy so sat there and didn't say a word the whole time. While Abby wouldn't sit still.