Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Jan 12th

I found this over at Write from Karen. A rather interesting blog to read. You can find her HERE. I like things that get my brain a ticking... Feel free to join me, I love to read other peoples answers.

1. What book is on your nightstand right now? What was the last book you read? How many books do you think you read in 2008? The first Harry Potter Book. The last book I read was The Tale of Despereaux .... I didn't read as many as I would have liked but probably around 50.

2. Name three blogfriends that have inspired you. Now please tell us how these blogfriends have inspired you.

Wow interesting question.... I would have to say..... (drum roll please..hehe)

1. Berry Patch (Lisa): I enjoy her blog...she has wonderful ideas. She has helped me get over some ruff patches many a times. I like real life blogs, cause they don't make you feel like life is a fairy tale. :)

2. Because I said So (Dawn): I love this blog, cause she makes me laugh everyday. She says what I am thinking but don't always say! Wonderful read!

3. Woods 7 (Jen): I enjoy this one, because if she can survive in Alaska, Homeschooling her 5 children all alone, while her husband is deployed... then I know I can survive the 8 hrs a day my husband is off at work, no matter how crazy my kids get! She is truly inspiring to see what she accomplishes in a day!

Truth be told, there are lots of blogs I keep up on, that I find to be inspiring, or a good read. So keep up the good work ladies! :)

3. How far do you live from the place where you grew up as a kid? Tell us about the place you grew up - would you choose to go back there and raise your own family (if you have one)? Why or why not? I live exactly 1615 miles away from where I grew up. You ask how I had that mileage to a "T"... no I did not goggle it! I just drove it in September, and that number just seems to stick in my head. :) I grew up in a small town in Maine, or a few small towns. It was nice, in the country, lovely neighbors kinda place. I did start to raise my family there. I really liked my kids being able to be there. I lived right next to my father, a few miles from my grandmother and less than 15 miles from my mother, but unfortunately, do to the economy in Maine... My family was forced with a tough decision. We picked up and moved to Florida. We may not have found the prefect job yet, but we found a job, and it is better than what we had (which was no job) We miss our family greatly, and hate that we are so far away. Hopefully, we will be able to visit them often, or they can come here and visit us! :)

4. Finish this line: Absence makes the heart……
(please do not say “grow fonder”.) How long do you think is ‘too long’ to be away from your loved ones? grow sad.... I think more than a month is fair to long to be away from the ones I love. Unless it is my children and then it is like a day! LOL! :) Being away from my Mom is one of the hardest struggles, I have had in a long time. Being away from my friends, is also very difficult. Luckily, now with the technology, it is easier for me to stay in touch with them! Miss you all!

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Berry Patch said...

Glad I help inspire with my mundane life. LOL

Being away from family IS tough. When we moved here four years ago I really struggled - even though I was closer to family. I was away from everything familiar & all my friends. It took me a year to adjust. Now I love it.

Give yourself time. It's a process but it does get better.