Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here comes 2009!

With less than 24hrs before we embark on 2009, I just wanted to give a quick update of the highlights (yes their were some) of 2008!

....Sage turned 3!
Hunter and I went on a weekend trip to Moosehead
Learned how to Ice Fish
Hunter turned 6
Hunter was in his first play
Andy graduated College! (the first in his family)
Hunter played on his first Baseball team
I spent lots of time with my Dad without fighting (yes that is abnormal)
Family Reunion
Hunter started 1st Grade
Rachel mastered writing her name
We made our first road trip down the East Coast
We moved to Florida
Sage went to Disney for the First time
Hunter & Rachel are old enough to remember going to Disney
Hunter started at a new school
Andy got a new Job
Me, Hunter, & Andy went to our first Hockey game
Hunter has gotten excellent at Reading
Rachel turned 5!
I got a new van
Celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time with Andy's parents and sister
Hunter got his first achievements in Cub Scouts
Hunter was in his first Florida parade
Sage has almost mastered writing her name, and recognizing her letters!
We celebrated our first Christmas in Florida, with Andy's Parents
We will celebrate our the start of a new year in Florida!

There is our list of highlights from this year. I hope that 2009 brings you all joy! We are looking forward to starting our new list of highlights for the upcoming year. May 2009 bring you all Happiness and Joy!

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Berry Patch said...

What a great way to remember what the year held for you all!