Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My New Years Resolution:

As most of you saw... My new years resolution this year was to lose weight, and yes I know this is really no different than any other year.. However, this year is different to me, cause I really want this, and I want to be in better health for my kids. I am able to do most everything with them, but I am always low on energy, and I don't like that. I miss out on a lot with them, because I can't keep up with them. So to help keep me going, I'm going to post on here once a week, my weigh in, and any issues or thoughts I may have to share that week..

That being said... I started last week, on Thursday (New Year's Day). I'm posting this a day early, cause I want to make it a Wednesday thing... less hectic for me! I am not going to tell you my start weight, but you will notice on my sidebar my target amount of weight I would like to lose, and yes I know it is going to take me a long time!

Week 1 weigh in: I lost 3pds this week. Not bad for my first week. (I think)

My three major struggles are getting more excerise. Finding the time to squeeze it in.. I have started walking most nights, (not all) after Andy gets out of work, which can sometimes be around 11pm. My second biggest struggle is eating breakfast, so that I get my metabolism going! I'm not a breakfast person... so i have been trying to eat a bowl of cereal, or fruit. Still working on that! Of course my third is portion control. I am pretty sure 90% of us struggle with this, because a lot of people don't understand what a portion is....

This week I have been doing pretty good with the eating healthier thing, and a bit better on my portions. I have been having a salad most days for lunch... and eating dinner with the family, but much less than I normal would have. I have been eating a few more snacks during the day cause I am hungry, but healthier ones. Like, fruit, those round popcorn thing's (can't remember their name), skinny cow ice cream treat(which if you want to know are really good, and they have no sugar added as well), or a granola bar, which is organic but good (target brand). :) I'm still picking up tools along the way... I welcome any advice anyone has to offer.

See you next week!

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Martha said...

Congrats on the loss. We can do this! I am in the weight loss battle with you. I will be posting my loss on Sunday! I picked up some Slim Fast (on sale everywhere right now) and am using two of those a day supplemented by snacks, and a nice dinner. I was never a fan of Slim Fast, but it has been great for the past three days. If you go to the website, they will even suggest snacks, and meals..... sometimes with a family the meals aren't always do-able, but I really like the snack ideas. Email me if you would like to chat about this more! You might also want to check out SparkPeople... it's FREE an they have all kinds of tools for weight loss, and even free online exercise videos.