Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen



1. Dance: My daughters love to dance… the don’t walk through the house, they dance. Rachel is “Teaching” herself how to do Ballet. It’s rather cute to watch. We hope to put her in a dance class this fall.

2. Dishwasher: Have I ever mentioned how lost I’d be without a dishwasher?? I have had one since, I was pregnant with my second child, cause my husband hated to do them, and I couldn’t do it all the time. It is a life saver on most days!

3. Daisy’s: I think daisy’s are so cute. They really uplift a room.

4. DVR: I would be so lost without my dvr. I have to much commotion going on most of the time to sit and watch any of the shows I enjoy. I have to have quiet to really enjoy them, so I like to be able to go back and watch my shows, after my kids are in bed.

5. Dislike: I am so frustrated that my children dislike many foods I make for supper. Makes meal time so hard, instead of enjoyable. At what age are they not so darn PICKY!

6. Dinnertime: When the kids are not complaining about the food I have put in front of them. Dinnertime is my favorite time of the day. Since my children have been little, we always have sat at the table together with no other distractions. This is so nice to catch up on the day, or just to hear the silly stories they bring to the table. Plus we now have Nana & Papa to join in on this with us. Its a great feeling to have all 7 people at the table. :)

7. Dad: I miss mine greatly. It has been weird to live so far away from him, after living next door to him for a year. I really enjoyed our time together, being that close to each other brings a bond I cannot explain. It was a wonderful opportunity that I will not regret or forget!

8. Dunkin Doughnuts: My biggest weakness… for my love of coffee. I love there caramel ice coffee with extra, extra. However, it does not love my figure. Now, they are only down the road 5 minutes, so I have to be careful… My willpower has been increasing and doing better though.

9. Dogs: I do like them.. Still a bit afraid of bigger ones, since being bit as a child. I’m sad we had to give our black lab away.. as we miss her greatly. I hope that sometime we will be able to get another one when we are settled again.

10. Doctors: They just plain annoy me. Never on time, never call you back when you need an answer. Hard to find one that will take you with certain insurances… They just plain aggravate me! I also don’t like the ones that blame everything on your weight. I find it hard to believe everything is due to me being overweight. Yes some things it may contribute, but not all things are due to it! GRR!

11. Disrespect: What is it with the lack of Respect in this world today. Is it so hard for parents to instill a bit of it in, their kids?? I find it so annoying. My kids are taught respect, they may still have a moment here and there, where they could brush up on it a bit, they are after all learning… but to have none, just blows my mind.

12. Dinosaurs: I find these creatures truly fascinating. I would love to go back in time and see them in person. Don’t you think that would be cool??? My son also loves Dinosaurs, we learn about them all the time, with his continuing thirst for knowledge. May I suggest a good book, that puts it in kids terms, and gives you amazing background on them. It is the Reference Guide Book about Dinosaurs, by the author of the Magic Tree House books. Hunter and I read this book, and we were just blow away with its wealth of information. We are now eager to read other Reference Guides she has…

13. Drums: I always wanted to play these as a kid. Of course my parents never allowed me. Can you blame them?? My son now wants to play the drums, oh I can feel the headaches starting already. We have not yet made a decision on him doing this. He also shows an interest in the Piano so we are trying to steer him in that direction.

There you have the D’s! Stay tuned next week when we embark onto the letter E!


Martha said...

Great list - thanks for sharing! I dislike (D word) when Tara does not like what I prepare at Dinnertime!

Berry Patch said...

B wants to play the drums too. I told him he had to learn the piano or violin first THEN we'd talk. ;-)

Mariel said...

Very cute blog. Lovely family.