Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chess Anyone???

Tonight Hunter had Cub Scouts. Being a scheduled day off, they usually don't meet. However, we are in our last few weeks before the Pinewood Derby, so we went to get some stuff done with that. With that being said, no other Tigers showed up other than Hunter, and a new kid joining us. When we are the only ones there, we hang out with the Wolves. Therefore, its not a wasted trip in. Last night the Wolves where learning how to play "Chess". Hunter was very eager to pay attention and learn how to play. I didn't really think he was getting the concept, but he surprised me. After all the pieces were explained (name, moves, attack moves, etc) the kids paired up and played each other. Hunter was one of the only kids that played the game with minimal adult assistance. I was so proud of him. He was enjoying himself, a lot. He was kinda bumming that we didn't have a board, and chess pieces here (we left ours in Maine). Since he did such a good job, the Wolf Leader, let Hunter borrow one of boards, and pieces. I'm guessing we will be playing a lot of Chess this week. :) I need to brush up on my skills anyway! I found a site online as well to teach kids to play and practice. Check that out HERE.

Here is Hunter concentrating hard to make a move! Plus one of him enjoying the game!

101_5010 101_5009


Martha said...

That's awesome. Chess is fun. I can't wait until Tara shows and interest in Backgammon or cribbage.

Berry Patch said...

N loves chess & has been playing since he was about five. I'm always amazed at how quickly kids pick that sort of thing up.