Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blue & Gold Banquet


Last night was Hunter’s Blue & Gold Banquet. For those of you not familiar with Boy Scouts this is to celebrate the birthday of Boy Scouts, when Sir Powell founded it in England 99 yrs ago. Wow, 99 yrs… that is a long time, and the program is still running strong.

At this we also had our awards and achievements given out to them. Hunter has yet to get any cause of when we joined was so close to the Holiday’s… we have not had a Den meeting to give them out. So last night Hunter got a lot. He started out with receiving his Bobcat Badge, which he has to wear backwards, until he does a good deed, and then he can turn it over. (I love that they have to be so involved in community service… cause I don’t believe there is enough of it anymore)  I apologize for some of the photos being rather dark. (camera acting up again)

Hunter receiving his Bobcat Badge 

Then he got his immediate recognition badge (which is the paw that holds all his beads he achieves), along with 3 orange beads (den activities), 3 black beads (Go-See it activities) and 2 white beads (family activities). Then he got his Art Belt Loop, Computer Belt Loop, and his Computer Pin. Plus the our family got the Family Award. When we finish 4 more things he will get his Tiger Badge, and then he will also receive beads for his electives. You get a yellow bead for every 10 electives you finish. We are almost to our 20th. In order to receive this you have to have your Tiger Badge earned first. He was so proud of himself.

So proud of himself

We are eager to start on some more to get our Tiger Badge. Plus finish some more electives. We have a lot of fun with this, and he is doing excellent. I’m very proud of him. He is learning a lot of amazing things. Plus he is now eager to earn his Chess Belt Loop, so we are going to focus on that next.

After all awards, pins, and belt loops were handed out for all packs, we had our Desert pot luck. There were deserts of all kinds. We had ice cream, no bake cookies, chocolate chip, brownies, apple cake, and of course the birthday cake!  We had a wonderful time, and are so happy to be doing this with our little guy! Stay tuned….. for more on his Derby car!

Cake for b-day


Berry Patch said...

How fun! The boys are always thrilled when they earn their awards for AWANA. It's fun to watch their excitement.

Annie said...

You are an alternate on my Flyin' Annie giveaway!

The Eagen's said...

Great job Hunter! Keep up the good work! This is a time in his life that he will never regret and you are such a good Mommie for getting him involved in Cub Scouts!