Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This week is the Letter "C"

1. Cookies: Who doesn't like a yummy Oreo cookie!!!

2. Cabbage: I'm an odd duck... I like cabbage raw, but cooked I think it is disgusting! Silly or what?

3. Cell phone: I haven't left home without it in almost 7 yrs... I like to know that people can find me if something was to happy to any of my loved ones. With the caller id option, I can always ignore any other callers! :)

4. Charity: There are not enough people willing to help them anymore. I've always wanted to work with things like Habit For Humanity. I find more of them down here, so I'm in hopes to get my family involved with it.

5. Children: I have 3 of them! They are the highlight of my life. I love being able to be so involved in their lives. There is never a dull moment that if for sure!

6. Crackers: They are an excellent snack. I love to eat Ritz crackers... and saltines with peanut butter!

7. Color: I love color! The more the better! Bold, pastels..... warm, and cold colors. What is life with out some vibrant things to wake you up! :) I also love to color (ie. coloring books). I love to sit down with my children and color. I even have my own set of 100 and something crayons, that are only mine!

8. Cows: They are an interesting creature really. I mean they give us milk, which in return makes us butter, and cheese. Then we eat them! I love baby cows. They are adorable. My Great Uncle has a farm, I used to love talking to the cows. I'm weird I know!

9. Carnations: Such a pretty flower aren't they? Not a rose, but beautiful in their own way. I used to like sticking them in food coloring to see what color I could turn them!

10. Candy: Other than a Reese peanut butter cup.... I'm not really a huge fan of candy, i could take it our leave it. What is your favorite?

11. Cards: I love cards. I love getting them... I love collecting them. I am always on the lookout for some cute ones to get, as I love to write snail mail still. I used to be really good about sending out cards of all occasion to all my family. I have slacked over the last year or so, I need to get back to it!

12. Circus: I'm not a huge fan, but I think they can be fascinating. I have taken my kids a couple of times.... and they enjoyed it. The best part of the circus, I think is the trapeze. I love watching them fly thru the air!

13. Clouds: I used to love laying on the ground in the summer, and watching the clouds float by, and seeing what they resemble. My son does it in the car, and we have conversations about what it could be. Its so nice to share that fun with him!

Stay tuned next week for the Letter D!


Martha said...

I love your "Cs" Oreos are the best cookies ever! Can't wait for the letter D....

Berry Patch said...

I love your weekly ABC lists. Such a neat way to find out more about you. ;-)