Saturday, January 17, 2009

What do you do??

Does anyone else have this problem??? Ever time I go to the grocery store, my kids drive me nuts! Don't want to be in the cart, want to run, pull items off the shelf, and just plain act absurd. I have tried to find different ways to deal with this, and most times coming up with a failure. Making it very hard for me to get anything done. And how realistic is it for anyone to get a babysitter just so we can go get groceries alone?? Well, in the midst of perusing the isles of clearance... I found this! It is an specific activity book for them to use. It has a wipe off pen to use, and it has many different pages. I like it not only for the keeping them occupied, but also cause it teaches them so much info. It has a spot for traceable words (working on writing skills) , counting, colors, thinking logic (mazes). I love it! I probably should have bought two as my girls will probably fight over them. But even being on clearance it was like $5, which is a bit passed my budget when you get two. I'm so cheap! I will let you know how well it works, after we put it to the test. I'm hopeful that it is going to prove to be helpful! :)


Berry Patch said...

Neat! You could always make you own....print out photos of the common things you buy & then have the kids check them off. Yes, grocery shopping is not a lot of fun to begin with & taking the boys with me usually puts me over the top. ::sigh::

The Eagen's said...

Yeah, grocery shopping is impossible for me to do alone with both kids! Ryann thinks it's fun to run off on Mommy or else she will grab things off the shelf and put them in the front part of the car buggy with her.

Martha said...

That's a great idea... I tell you it is not much easier some days with an almost 12 year old.... if she does not want to be there it is next to impossible for me to concentrate, and in these times I really do need to concentrate on my shopping! My mission - to save as much money, while buying only the things that I know I really need! Good luck!