Monday, January 12, 2009

Update (Hunter):

Just a quick update on Hunter. He went in today for his physical, and a flu shoot. Of course he was not thrilled about the flu shoot. However, I was able to talk to him, and keep him clam this time, no screaming like someone was trying to kill him. Today he weighed in at a big 41 pounds, and 45.5 inches! Yes, for any of you that keep up with us, that means Rachel is inches away from passing right by her brother! He got a clean bill of health.
Unfortunetly, he did miss school. His appointment was at 9:45 which meant, I kept him home this morning, so I wouldn't have to get him out of class. When we got out of the doctors office it was 10:50. I brought him to school to drop him off, but his class had already finished lunch, so I was not able to leave him (cause he had not eaten). Therefore, he missed the whole day. (he was actually upset about this too) There now everyone is up to date on their physical!

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Berry Patch said...

Okay - J weighs more than Hunter. LOL He weighs more than his 7 year old cousin too. LOL