Monday, August 1, 2011

Pirate for a day… ??



After months of Little Monkey waking up in the middle of the night complaining of horrible headaches at the age of four, we pushed to see an eye doctor. Of course where we were, and the only one we were familiar would not take children until they were 5.

Since I saw no other major issues, we said a few more months wouldn’t kill us. Was I wrong maybe? Guess, I will never really know now.

Little Monkey was diagnosed with a “Lazy Eye” which I had been familiar with, since I had one as a child too. What was strange to me, was we really never saw it until after REALLY looking for it. However, then it became very apparent. Her right eye, turned very badly. She was given glasses with a minor prescription.

After a month or two, we went back to see how it was doing. We were then told we would need to patch. So we patched everyday for 4 hrs a day for almost a year. Nothing seemed to be changing.

Around the year mark we had moved back to Maine and I had gotten another opinion. Thank goodness I decided to do this. I was then told, all the patching in the world wasn’t going to help, cause her glasses were no where strong enough. SERIOUSLY??? All that time fighting with her, telling her it was for her own good, and it did NOTHING! I was furious!

They made her glasses almost triple the strength, and said to keep patching her..  Not only did she have a “Lazy Eye” now, she was also far sighted in one eye to the point, he said it was like looking from here to Saturn for her. I questioned how I did not see this… things were starting to make since. She had been struggling to learn her letters, and now I knew why!

After seeing this doctor for 6+ months, he wanted us to see a pediatric specialist regarding the right eye, as it was still turning in…only getting worse. At times without glasses you couldn’t even see her pupil… when they were on, the eye was so close to her nose, she struggled to see things.


From there we were informed the eye will not improve without surgery… They need to move one of the muscles back further to make it so the eye can no longer go to the side as easy. Go here and it talks a bit about it.

Not only does she need the surgery, but I was told that she has no Depth Perception… She see’s the world flat. No wonder she runs into things and is so clumsy. My heart breaks for my precious baby. Will this surgery cure that… not likely there is like a 50% chance it might, but not likely.

Will this be the last surgery she needs?? Again not likely.. she will need a series of treatments, more patching, maybe another surgery, possibly drops. I hope that this makes a difference.


She is being very brave about it, and knows exactly what she is going to have done. I couldn’t be more proud of my Little Monkey!


We will post on Tuesday after Surgery to let you know how things went. Smile 


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Praying it goes smoothly!