Saturday, August 27, 2011

Middle Monkey’s New Haircut





I have this thing about my kids getting their haircut. Well, I don’t mind Monkey Man getting his haircut, mostly cause he is one hairy dude! Lol… Speaking of which, he needs to get his shaved within the week.

Anyway, back to my point. The girls, have such pretty hair, and like any mom… I like to put it up in pretty braids, or pony tails. Well, Middle Monkey has never been a huge fan of her hair getting in her face, so she wanted it cut again. Today she decided to take a pretty big chunk off. Here she is half cut…


Then all done…


I have to say she looks pretty darn cute!!!



Now Little Monkey wants hers cut that short. I talked her out of it, cause she loves hers in braids. Phew! (escaped that one for now)

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TIFFANY said...

My girls all did that at the beginning of last summer. Made me sad, but it's so much easier now that they can fix their own hair. They usually just brush it, throw in a headband, and go.