Friday, August 12, 2011

Party Anyone??



Thanks to Momselect we had the opportunity to have a DaGeDar Party. My son was so thrilled to have this party… We got right into setting it up, and getting a track set up!

Before we get to much into what we did, let me back up just a tad bit, and tell you about DaGeDar. This new toy on the market is from the maker of ZhuZhu Pets. This is a game about speed, challenge, and racing! Each ball is a weighted ball baron with a character face. The goal is to race on a track, and make it through the whole thing, loops included, without falling out. Players can enhance the game with their own tricks, and stunts. Great game for creativity and imagination to come out and play! Smile 

Some of the products from DaGeDar include, numerous ball sets, ball carrier, start gate, launcher, and lots of track pieces.

Now back to our party… We got lots of good snacks ready, before our guests had arrived. We set up all the track pieces we had, and the Monkey Man decided to test out the track before everyone arrived.


The party was a huge success and they had so much fun playing and racing each other. As well, as trying to move the track pieces around to form another one.

All of our guests left with a set of DaGeDar Balls. They were so happy! We had a great time, and hope to have them back over again soon, to have a rematch!

*Discloser: I was provided with the toys for this party by MomSelect & DaGeDar… All opinions are mine or my 3 monkeys!


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