Saturday, July 9, 2011

What happens when you have snails, worms, and sun?



Well you get a garden! Or in our case 9 gardens spread around our yard. Yup, we are really ambitious this year!

This morning we went out and weeded one of the gardens, so our squash and cucumber plants would grow better. It was actually a rather nice day to do it, the wind was blowing a nice breeze and it was warm, but not buggy! (which is huge this year.. the bugs are insane)

After weeding the garden, we rewarded the kids with being able to help harvest the first crop of veggies from our garden.

Here is what we got!!!

3 1/2 (Little Monkey’s Small head is the 1/2) Crowns of Broccoli….


Little Monkey’s Broccoli


Which I have to tell you I am super excited about it, cause I have never been able to grow Broccoli, and this year it just took off!!!! It is HUGE!

Then we got a TON of Beet Greens and Swiss Chard…



Which we will be eating tonight with our dinner. Yummy! Can’t wait!

Oh, and the kids found this small amount of Raspberries that they ate as a treat…


How is your garden growing??

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