Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best week or the worse week???




Will it be the best week or the worse week of Middle Monkey’s Summer??? Only time will tell… Tonight we finished packing her up, and getting her ready to head off tomorrow for the first big journey of her childhood… A right of passage if you will.

She is headed to Summer Camp…for the first time, for a WHOLE week. My kids don’t spend much time away from me, so I say it could be the worse week, cause she could get incredibly homesick. (I’m crossing my fingers this is not the case) She has only stayed away from me for 2 weeks once, with my mom. While she was with family, she still had a bit of an issue with it. This time she will be with no-one she knows, and 2 hrs away from home.

I’m crossing my fingers that she enjoys it, and has the time of her life. I really want this to be something special she gets to tell about for the next few weeks, months, years!

What do you think?? Her swim suit, towel, clothes, flashlight, and clothes are packed… (ok with a million other and she is ready to hit the road.

Check back in a week to see how she made out!

Did you ever go to Summer Camp??

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