Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interested to know…..



I was bouncing around on the internet earlier.. checking my usual spots, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Emails, and of course BlogFrog. When I stumbled upon a question in a community I followed, and it got me thinking.  The question was “How much TV do your kids REALLY watch?”  You can find the whole conversation here.

I responded, but it was still making me wonder other peoples views, so I figured I’d come ask my fellow blog readers what they thought?

Do you think that your kids watch to much TV? This study done at PBS amazed me… Although, if you think about it, people don’t realize how fast time goes by when you are sitting in front of that TV.

My kids do not have a TV in their bedroom, nor do they really watch that much TV. Maybe 2hr per day (I’m pretty sure that is even estimating high)  unless it is the middle of winter and its to cold outside, or if it is rainy out. I make them explore all other options before turning to the TV. I personally don’t even watch that much TV. We don’t have cable, so our only sources of viewing are Hulu, or Netflix. At night hubby and I will watch a show before bed to relax… unless we have a really good book to read. (which is more often the option) My screen time is mostly spent on the computer. (yup, my downfall) I’m either on here to update my blog, or to check my Facebook.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV. I got to watch a few shows with my parents, but other than that I didn’t watch it. I was not allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Sometimes I would sneak them, but I had to be very careful not to get caught. My hubby on the other hand was allowed to watch TV basically whenever he felt like it. So, we have always struggled on the topic of  “How much is to much?”

I believe that kids get to used to It entertaining them, and then they can’t do it themselves. They can’t go out and find something to do. We have a huge yard, and live in the country. I’m glad my kids have such a great imagination.

Plus I don’t want TV to hinder in getting our daily chores, or school work done.

I’m not here to say that anyone's views are wrong… just simply interested in how you feel about this? Leave me a comment telling me your views…


April said...

My take on it is that TV can be good in moderation if it's the right content. Several times my daughter will say something and I'll ask, "Where did you learn that?" And many times it's from a PBS show she has recently viewed. I don't like to use the TV as a babysitter, though I'll admit sometimes I do so I can cook dinner in peace after a strenuous day of homeschooling and I see no harm in that. As a homeschooling mom, they have my undivided attention 3/4 of the day anyway. What's sad is the kids who don't get the needed interaction with their family because of the television. All that said, sometimes I think I would like to do away with it all together. I often wonder what we would accomplish if we did, though it may cost my sanity.

The Bertone's said...

April... I agree, as a homeschooling mom myself. Sometimes my not allowing them to watch it causes me more grief. Really seems to be a fine line doesn't it?

Doreen said...

This is such a good topic! I'm so paranoid that my son will watch too much TV. He is allowed 1 hour per day OR 1 full length movie. I even have him set a timer so when the 1 hour is up that TV gets turned off. There are only certain channels he is allowed to go to also. We also have Netflix, but he has to ask before clicking on any of them. I'm following you know on GFC from the Crew!