Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red, White, & sugary?


This year Hubby has to work on the 4th of July again, so we decided to spend it with some family.

However, today we did a bit of pre-celebrating at a local park. They had battling of the bands, lots of bounce houses, and lots of stands with delish food!

I’m always saying I need to relax and let go a bit more.. so I decided to do so today! I told the kids they could have whatever they wanted to have for lunch. Totally their choice! (I was being very brave)

Monkey Man choose to have Fried Dough, in which he covered it in lots of cinnamon, powered sugar, and caramel. He loved it!



Littlest Monkey wanted to have Ice Cream but their wasn’t a stand open, so she had Fried Dough as well, with the same stuff as Monkey Man but with Chocolate sauce!



Then Middle Monkey wanted Cotton Candy, but their was no stand open for that either… and then she wanted Ice Cream… again no stand open. So, she shared some of the other two monkeys.. but then I decided to take them all to Mc Donald’s and get them a Caramel Sundae.


Was I crazy?? Maybe, but I needed to show them that I could be laid back too! It was a nice afternoon with our family.

The rest of our celebrating will be on Monday when we join them again for the parade, and activities at the park again. We will miss daddy’s presence, but will enjoy the evening with him!

Happy Fourth of July!!! Be safe and happy!!

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