Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Fun update:






So what have you been up to this summer? Enjoying that beautiful sun?? Or has it been more rain where you live?

We have had a very weird summer, warm but nice days, with low humidity, crazy Thunderstorms, and tornado’s, and last but not least nasty humidity when you least expect it!

How have you been keeping your kiddo’s busy this summer, or even yourself? Summer has always been hard for me, cause I don’t like to be cooped up, but I hate to spend mega bucks to take the kids to have fun. Plus its only me to wrangle the 3 monkeys, when the hubby is working. I’ve gotten braver over the years though, and they have gotten a bit more tame, so we do venture out a bit more.

This year you can check out our list of things we really wanna do on our Summer Bucket List … which I update as we do things.

This year due to busy schedules and lack of funds.. or list of hopefully things are limited. We try to take opportunities as they arrive.

Since Middle Monkey was headed off to Summer Camp for a week, we wanted to do something fun as a family before she left. Along the way, we went to a local park with a beach.





The kids had a wonderful time… as did us parents. We swam for a few hours, and then we had lunch before leaving to drop Middle Monkey off. More on that in a bit….


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5ennie said...

Fun!! Summer & swimming go so well together :)
Here from the Hop!