Thursday, July 28, 2011

Count down to the new year, and changes to come:



Our new year of school is going to start on August 1st. This year I have decided to try something a bit different and go with 8 weeks of school, and then take a couple weeks off. 

I’m anxious to start cause my kids really need to get back on schedule. Don’t get me wrong we enjoy summer, but my kids are totally schedule children, without it there is complete ciaos. There attitudes get crazy, their behavior goes downhill, its nuts!!!

We took off about 6 weeks, and I really think that is enough for us, and it got us through our Summer Camps, so we won’t have any interruptions. If I wait any longer, I’m sure besides me pulling out every last strand of my hair, they would fight me to get back in routine. Plus due to us starting so early, we have plenty of extra days to play with, without getting behind.

I’m hoping being that this is our 2nd year of Homeschooling it will flow a bit nicer for me. I’m pretty happy with our Curriculum choices… just need to get a few last things, that we will start a bit later in the year. Also new this year… I’m on the TOS Crew. I’m super excited about this, as I was following a few blogs last year that were involved in this. Which means, we will have some really fun reviews to work into our daily school. I’m excited to see if we discover some new curriculum to add.

I’m really thinking that adding the “Workbox System” to our daily routine. I need something to fill a bit of time when the kids are done with their down with their work.. Why?? Well, when the kids get up and leave, and the rest of them still have work.. we tend to have a bit of an issue. They think that they are doing more than the other and so on. Plus I need them to learn a bit of independence. Just a bit of tweaking.

I think those are the only major changes we are making this year. What about you? Are you looking to make any changes in your homeschool this year?

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Berry Patch said...

I like using workboxes. It frees me up as well to work one-on-one with whoever needs it and fosters independence. It's a good place to add in some fun stuff too. ;-)