Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Last week was the letter “P”
So this week I bring you the letter “Q” could prove to be hard, lets see what I can come up with shall we??

1. Queen: I have always loved history, and learning about the past. I like to find out things about Queens of past eras. Its interesting to see how they got there, or what they accomplished. Don’t you think?? I also have a “Queen” in my house. My middle daughter likes to think she is Queen bee most days!

2. Quadruplets: Could you imagine having that many kids at once?? Holy banana’s! I will admit I always wanted Twins, no such luck though.

3. Quit: I’m not a big fan of quitting things. Except for dieting.. for some reason I have the hardest time there. Maybe its cause changing your whole life around is difficult. Especially when everyone else isn’t on board with you??????? I try to teach my kids that quitting is not ok either. That you need to follow things threw.

4. Quebec: I have never been there..sadly as close I used to live from the Canadian Border. However, I would one day love to go there, as I hear it is a beautiful city.

5. Quality: I think so many people waste money on items that are cheap. Yes they are cheap, but the quality isn’t there so they end up spending more money in the long run. Of course their are so exceptions. Do you shop for Quality or Cheapness???

6. Questions: My daughters are going through the question stage all over again. Oh my, it is driving me crazy. “where are you going to put that?” “Why do you need that” so on and so forth… I love that they are inquisitive but their has to be a limit right??

7. Quiet: My children struggle with Quiet time.. or being Quiet. Do you have this trouble as well? Any suggestions? I constantly have to remind them to use their inside voices. I mean they will yell to each other and they are 2 ft away. Drives me nutty!

8. Quests:  When my children are bored, I will often send them on a quest. To find something, or to look for something… Sometimes I just make things up, and they feel like they are looking for treasure. They find it exciting. I love it!

9. Quarter:  My son is always confusing the Quarter for a Nickel. So I taped each coin to a piece of paper, and made him a chart, so he can see which one is worth how much. He enjoys working on it.

10. Quake: I have never been in a real Earthquake… and I hope to never be in a bad one. Can you imagine the fear of not knowing what is going to happen kinda like a tornado.

11. Queasy: I hate feeling queasy… it is worse than being sick I think. Mostly cause you dont’ know whether you should eat or not.

12. Quote: I love to look up quotes. Its amazing some of the ones people have come up with. There are tons of them out there too. :) What is your favorite Quote?

13. Quarrel: I feel that is all my kids do! AHHHHHHH!

Well there you have my 13 “Q’s” not easy to come by…but I did it!

Stay tuned for next week the letter “R”

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Martha (FL) said...

Great job on the "Qs". I like the new blog design!