Friday, April 17, 2009

Our first celebration with friends:


Since we are new to the neighborhood, and still living with the parents. We decided that this year was not a good one to try and have a party with Hunter’s friends from school. As we all know how crazy a bunch of little kids can be! (Lol)

So, we decided to have a small party at Cub Scouts this week. Got Hunter a Madagascar 2 (Escape to Africa) cupcake, cake to share with his buddies. Here are some of the fun they had!

Here is the cake…. however the boys got to it before me. It was a nice cake though… He liked it.

His Madagascar 2 Cake, boys got to it before I took a pic

Look at that frosting

Look at all that frosting! He was in heaven!

After they had some cake we started on their Psychical Fitness Belt Loop. They had to do a series of activities in which they will repeat in a month, to see if they improved. We did Push-ups, crunches, Long Jump, Timed run around the church, and Frog jumps. Here a few photo’s I captured:

Doing Crunches:


The pain!

Hunter did 27 Crunches…can you see the pain in his face??

The Push-ups:

Push ups... LOL! 

Most of you are laughing about a 6 or 7yr old doing a push up, I know I surely was. They made it fun and put in a great effort. Hunter did 12 proper push up in a minute.

Frog Jumps:

Frog Jumps 

I couldn’t resist this shot! He was to cute! We wore them out really well… I pushed Hunter and he ended by doing 25 Frog jumps. After running twice around the Church and doing a long jump. I’m beginning to think Hunter should be in Track. He did awesome with the run, and long jump. They had a great time, and I’ll let ya know if he improves in a month!

Shhh… don’t tell him, but he is getting a Star Wars Cake on his birthday too!


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frillsfluffandtrucks said...

My 5 year old is supposed to do pushups at gymnastics. She just is not coordinated enough to do it and looks so silly! LOL!

~ Sarah